Show Your Extra Sweetness through Chocolates

In every person’s romance story, chocolate is always present. Whether as a simple piece or a luxury chocolate box, chocolate always manages to bring a smile on anyone’s face.

Romantic Chocolate Gift Ideas

Chocolate Bouquets

This is hitting two birds with one stone since you are giving her flowers and chocolates as one. A splendid gift for a romantic event, chocolate bouquets usually look like actual flowers, only that it is edible and offers a luscious, sweet flavor. The candies in the shape of a heart is wrapped using red foil to make it look similar to rose buds. Then it is arranged and mixed with green paper and silk baby’s breath making it look like a real bouquet of roses.

Heart shaped box full of gourmet truffles

Be unique by choosing a heart shaped box made from gourmet chocolate rather than the ordinary box made from cardboard. Fill it up with gourmet truffles to make the perfect romantic gift for that special someone.

Chocolate Dipped Fruit

These chocolate confectioneries can go hand in hand with champagne to start a pleasant and romantic night. It is usually available in the strawberry style although there are also exotic choices such as kiwi, apricots, orange peel, pineapple, bananas, grapes, or pears.


These are crafted from gourmet chocolate and are packed with amaretto, champagne, Irish crème, vodka, apricot brandy, or port wine as the most common. The most popular are the Cherry cordials wherein it has a cherry liquid center with a trace of brandy, coated in dark chocolate.

Hazelnut Ganache

A sweet truffle packed with hazelnut paste and covered in gourmet chocolate.  Luxury chocolate such as Belgian chocolates can be an impressive gift since these are the best gourmet sweets ever made.

Belgian Vegan Truffles

Being health conscious must not stop anyone from enjoying chocolate sweets especially since there are Belgian Vegan Truffles made just for them. These are coated in dark chocolate and some contain gourmet lemon creams and mints for additional benefit to the health.